Friday, February 29, 2008

Pearly whites?


I've heard of skin makeup, but have you seen makeup for your teeth?

Found them in a shop in Sydney and they all have different properties. You can have it looking natural, extremely white and invisible.

The brush is similar to those nail polishes and it even has a small round mirror on the bottle so that you can see it when you apply. It is meant to be applied to your front teeth where it is the most visible for all to see.

Extremely useful for those who teeth are a little yellow and would like to brighten it up before a night out/interview.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Skin good enough to eat?

Ella Bache is having a promotion known as "Skin good enough to eat"!

If you have a facial treatment with them in February, you'll can enter into their competition to win a year's worth of facial treatments.

Wow! As part of the promotion, they are celebrating healthy skin with a endeavour which you can see if you go to Circular Quay.

I went on an afternoon stroll during lunch and met "Ella". Amazing...we were speculating on why none of the birds came around considering that Ella is made of peaches.

As you can see by those cones on the side that no one is allowed to be too close to Ella or touch the peaches. However, we were hidden by Ella from where we were looking from the security guard and we quickly made a quick touch. Those peaches have been waxed or their skin has been chemically treated.

No chances of this peaches rotting under the sun or getting eaten by the birds anytime soon.

Check out here for more details on the promotion and on Ella.

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