Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cod Liver Oil


For some of us, we might still remember the Cod Liver Oil advertisement from the Fisherman's Friend brand and the classic logo of the fish being held on a man's back.

I can still remember a bottle always sitting on the shelf in the kitchen and my parents placing some onto a spoon for us kids to take daily. It stopped after a while when I was still very young. Then my little brother was born and he had to partake in that daily activity from a toddler all the way till he was in high school.

I recently came across an article about Cod Liver Oil and its virtues. According to this report on Weston Price, this marvelous golden oil contains large amounts of elongated omega-3 fatty acids, preformed vitamin A and the sunlight vitamin D, essential nutrients that are hard to obtain in sufficient amounts in the modern diet. It greatly improves heart function to prevent heart disease and to treat it even in advanced stages, after a heart attack and after heart surgery.

The elongated omega-3 fats found in cod liver oil have been shown to improve brain function, memory, stress response, immune response, allergies, asthma, learning and behavioral disorders, including bipolar syndrome and manic-depression.

Cod liver oil is most famous for contributing to bone health, preventing and reversing rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults. I've always suspected that my brother's tall height must have been due to the cod liver oil! I should have taken since I was young too. My brother is now the tallest in the family.

Physical appearance wise, topically applied cod liver oil contributes to faster wound healing and improvement in skin quality and cod liver oil taken orally helps maintain soft skin and minimize wrinkles.

I have to say that when I noticed my gums were sort of thinning a little a few years ago, I started taking cod liver oil and in a span of 2 weeks, my gums were much healthier.

Word of warning though, please ensure that the cod liver oil you buy does not contain synthetic vitamins A & D as that can be toxic. Have a look here for the recommended brands.
My childhood Fisherman's Friends brand is not here. :(

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Summer Collection 2007 by Charles & Keith

One can never have too many shoes I say!

I just checked out the new summer collection by Charles & Keith and they are fabulous. I totally love peep-toes, kitten heels and wedges.

Charles & Keith started in Singapore with shoes and has since expanded to include bags. They have also started expanding internationally. At prices that do not break the bank and yet still incorporating a wonderful variety and fabulous designs collection after collection. It beats some of the shoe stores here in Australia.

These are some of the ones that caught my eye.

An Oriental Twist

Peep Toes

Now, to the bags.

And these are my absolute favourites from their new collection.

Not sure where to find a Charles & Keith store? Their website has all their location details. They also have an online shop.

Cheerios...I'm off to get me some shoes and bag!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

4 Way Folding Buffer by Missha


I came across this when I was browsing a Missha store at the QVB in Sydney. It's a 4 way buffer that can be fold in half. Half the size and can be slip easily into any bag or pocket and carry around everywhere. I couldn't resist and just had to get one.

It's really easy to use as well as each part is labelled from 1 - 4 so that you know which one to use first. It also tells you what each one does. Step 1 - shape nails, Step 2 - smooth nails, Step 3 - buff nails and Step 4 - polish nails. They are all in different colours too.

That's how small it becomes when you fold it in half. Really handy especially for those times when my nails gets chipped or snagged! Now I can fix it on the spot instead of having to wait till I get home.

At a price of AUD4.90, it's a bargain! If you can't get to a Missha shop, you can buy it online at their website.

Luvs ~ Affordable, compact and easy to carry around.
Don't Luv ~ Nothing.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

O'slee Rosehip Deep Cleansing Oil


I've been hearing a lot about oil based cleansers, and that it is especially good for removing make up. I have to admit that I have been a little hesitant about them because I don't know if putting oil on your face to clean it is my cup of tea considering that we tend to want to remove excess oil from our face in the first place. I came across this Deep Cleansing Oil from O'slee recently and decided to give it a go.

This is part of the Rosehip Series from O'slee. This Deep Cleansing Oil is meant to remove make-up, purify pores and prevent blackheads. It also contains rosehip extract that has the following benefits:

1. Repair skin, restore the healthy skin structure
2. Stimulate the skin self-rejuvenation and skin becoming smooth and glow
3. Activate the production of collagen, leaving skin firm and reducing wrinkles
4. Moisturize the deeper layer of skin and reducing pore size
5. Restrain the damage of free-radicals to skin, delaying anti-aging process
6. Lightened pigmentation, with whitening effect

Not sure if it can really do all that but Rosehip is definitely an anti-oxidant that benefits the skin, especially for females.

I haven't had a chance to use it till recently when I had to put on really heavy make up. It was full on heavy make-up so that it will stand out on stage for shows and included fake eye lashes too. If I use my regular eye make-up remover, I will definitely have to use a lot of rubbing to remove it all which I didn't really want to do to my skin. Checked out the instructions on the bottle and here we go. You are meant to have clean and really dry hands, pump 2-3 drops and start massaging onto your face to remove the make up.

When I started massaging the cleansing oil onto my face, I was amazed at how easily the make-up comes off. There was hardly any rubbing or friction on my eyes as well to remove the make up from there. After that, I just had to use warm water to rinse my face.

Inspecting my face after the cleansing, my face was oil-free, clean and really smooth. I could also feel that all the dirt and grime was washed off and there was a tiny tight feeling which means clean skin. I couldn't believe it, I kept touching my face and it was clean clean clean. I couldn't help but washing my face with my normal cleanser again but that is just me being an oil-phobic.

I am definitely converted to oil cleansers to remove make up. This was also a bargain as I bought it for USD7 from Sasa. You can also check out the range from O'slee at their website.

Luvs ~ Affordable, reduces friction from cleaning makeup from skin. Really removes all traces of even the heaviest make up.

Don't Luv ~ Nothing.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Blistex Lip Infusion SPF12


I've been shopping around for a lip balm/ lip moisturiser for quite a while now. I find that the ones that I've used seems to only form a layer on top of my lips and doesn't actually penetrate to keeps my lips fully moisturised. So my lips remains dry and chapped and the lip balm only soothes it temporarily.

I came across this one and decided to give it a try. It has SPF12 which is important as we need to protect our lips from the sun rays too. Examining the ingredients, this uses Lanolin which is an effective moisturising agent. It also contains Octinoxate and Octisalate which protects against UVB rays.

The package advertises that Blistex Lip Infusion bathes your lips in moisture. The unique liquid formula absorbs quickly with no waxy feel. It also contains a deep penetrating moisturiser to help your lips look and feel great.

It comes as a small stick/tube with a roller ball to apply on the lips. The roller ball offers a cooling sensation on the lips and allows you to apply the lip moisturiser easily onto the lips without too much tugging. The liquid covers my lips easily and there is a tiny bit of shine which looks good and isn't distracting at all. I also feel that my lips are really moisturised and helps to eliminate dry chapped lips. I had to constantly re-apply throughout the day as it slips off when you drink/eat which is normal as lipsticks are the same as well. You need to constantly remember to re-apply but by the end of the day, from slightly dry and chapped lips, they became soft and full, like they have absorb all the water/moisturiser and gave my lips a little bit of a plump look.

I am definitely sticking to this one.

Luvs ~ It has SPF12 to protect the lips. The roller ball so that it glides smoothly across the lips (so less tugging and pressure on the lips). Penetrates to truly moisturise the lips.
Don't Luv ~ It slips off when you drink/eat, have to constantly re-apply.

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