Friday, March 26, 2010

Are you using the right colour correcting primer/make up base?


Was recently watching an episode on a Taiwan beauty program and the topic was on selecting the right colour primer.

Primers have only become popular in the past couple of years and the beauty industry has responded with more selections and variety. However, do you get confused when you see all the colours that are available? Green, blue, pink, purple, I sometimes get confused.

The lovely makeup artist Kevin posted up a board on his blog that he used in the show that splits out what colour you should use for the different types of problems that we might have.

Skintone                Primer colour

Fair to very fair ~ transparent or skin colour

Yellowish/dull ~ transparent + purple

Dark ~ skin colour

Unevenness ~ skin colour + purple

Redness/pimple scars ~ skin colour + green

Freckles ~ skin colour + transparent + blue

Dark and freckles ~ skin colour + blue

Or use this colour wheel, just pick the colour on the opposite side of the wheel to correct the colour you have.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Pantene Clinicare 时光修護系列

(Images/Info from Pantene Clinicare)

This series was a collaboration between Wella and Pantene. It is specially targeted at those who have dry hair and split ends. From what I know, once you have split ends, the hair shaft will not rebond back. You can only cut the split ends away and work at preventing future split ends.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hydro Boost Mousse Cleanser by Neutrogena

I was in search of a new cleanser when I came across this mousse cleanser. Mousse based products is a recent invention in the past few years. Air is whipped through the content which results in it coming out as a mousse.

Benefits of mousse based skin products is that the product comes out in a light and airy foam which is touted to be more stable. The atoms/particles are much tinier which means that the benefits/purpose is more readily absorbed/function on the skin.

A mousse based cleanser is meant to leave the skin feeling not taut and dry, but moisturized, soft and smooth.

(Images/Info from Neutrogena)

Hydro Boost is a new range from Neutrogena and was developed to restore inner skin dryness. Neutrogena's new Hydro Boost series contains hyaluronic acid to help skin hold more water and olive oil to prevent moisture loss

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

BodyLight Whitening Hydrating UV lotion by Garnier

This product came out in the market over a year ago and I bought it during its launch!

As I was going to be in tropical country where the UV rays are something to be concerned about, this seems to be the right product to use.

(Images/Info from

It comes in a 250ml bottle with a measuring tape attach which has skin tones in different shades for you to compare after using it for 4 weeks.
It promises to lighten and illuminate the skin complexion while giveing long lasting moisturizing efficiency. Its non-greasy milky lotion penetrates immediately, leaves skin soft, smooth and supple.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Powdery finish

All ready to attend a big day out, a party or even just daily life and spend all the time and effort putting on make up and looking great! Somehow, do you sometimes find that putting on that final dusting of powder on your face or all those subsequent touch ups of powder makes your face end up looking very powdery thick/cakey?
I swapped from using sponges to using brushes but you can sometimes end up with the thick swat of powder that the brush initially picks up and it lands and stays on the part of the face where the brush first hits.

Rather than doing what the professionals do where they do a quick flick of the brush in the air to get rid of excess powder as I think that is a lot of wastage, I recently discovered a neat little trick with minimal wastage.

I bought myself a puff box that has a mesh in it separating the puff from the powder in the box. What I do is to pour some of the loose powder into the puff box. When you shake the box, the mesh will distribute some of it onto the puff. Taking out the puff and placing it so that the powder is at the top, I then use a brush to pick up the powder from the puff.

This process takes less than a minute and what it does is that the powder that gets picked up on the brush is much less and much more even.

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