Friday, March 26, 2010

Are you using the right colour correcting primer/make up base?

Was recently watching an episode on a Taiwan beauty program and the topic was on selecting the right colour primer.

Primers have only become popular in the past couple of years and the beauty industry has responded with more selections and variety. However, do you get confused when you see all the colours that are available? Green, blue, pink, purple, I sometimes get confused.

The lovely makeup artist Kevin posted up a board on his blog that he used in the show that splits out what colour you should use for the different types of problems that we might have.

Skintone                Primer colour

Fair to very fair ~ transparent or skin colour

Yellowish/dull ~ transparent + purple

Dark ~ skin colour

Unevenness ~ skin colour + purple

Redness/pimple scars ~ skin colour + green

Freckles ~ skin colour + transparent + blue

Dark and freckles ~ skin colour + blue

Or use this colour wheel, just pick the colour on the opposite side of the wheel to correct the colour you have.

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