Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Powdery finish

All ready to attend a big day out, a party or even just daily life and spend all the time and effort putting on make up and looking great! Somehow, do you sometimes find that putting on that final dusting of powder on your face or all those subsequent touch ups of powder makes your face end up looking very powdery thick/cakey?
I swapped from using sponges to using brushes but you can sometimes end up with the thick swat of powder that the brush initially picks up and it lands and stays on the part of the face where the brush first hits.

Rather than doing what the professionals do where they do a quick flick of the brush in the air to get rid of excess powder as I think that is a lot of wastage, I recently discovered a neat little trick with minimal wastage.

I bought myself a puff box that has a mesh in it separating the puff from the powder in the box. What I do is to pour some of the loose powder into the puff box. When you shake the box, the mesh will distribute some of it onto the puff. Taking out the puff and placing it so that the powder is at the top, I then use a brush to pick up the powder from the puff.

This process takes less than a minute and what it does is that the powder that gets picked up on the brush is much less and much more even.

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