Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oil Essence by Sexy Girl

Ever since my hair went through perming, the hair structure has definitely weakened and I need to start using more intense products to get it back to being smooth and silky.

With winter being here in the harsh London weather, I definitely had to do something. I came upon this product and decided to give it a try.

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According to the website, it contains 12 kinds of botanical oils which includes grapeseed oil, hazelnut oil and 5 essences for beautiful hair, the 3-in-1 (Repair, Moisture and Protect) hair product leaves your hair smooth and moisturized. It sounds almost too edible!

The fact that it is a leave in night treatment works even better. Hair being repaired while sleeping!

The essence is definitely oil and after rubbing it between my palm to heat it up a bit, I started applying it to my hair. It does have a nice floral fragrance that isn’t strong at all, very mild. As expected with oil essence, it leaves a nice shine and my hair has a rich texture look to it as it tames any frizzies.

I used this whenever my hair is going to be exposed to any harsh elements as the oil essence forms a coat/film around your hair to protect it. This is quite a good and inexpensive, I would definitely keep using it.

The pump allows you to control how much you use, I usually only need about 3-4 drops.

Luv ~ mild floral fragrance, hair feels silkier and smoother with a rich texture finish. Inexpensive as a bottle lasts quite a while.

Don’t Luv ~ Nothing

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