Thursday, February 18, 2010

Essence Water by Asience

I’ve never been a fan of leave in treatments or sprays as they all tend to have an element of styling products which makes your hair a bit stiff and when you touch your hair, you can feel the product in your hair.

For some reason which I can’t remember now, I bought this. Maybe it was due to the positive results I get from their shampoos and conditioners. To my surprise, this treatment spray does not produce any of my concerns. Instead, my hair still feels soft smooth and silky.

The website advertises it as a light leave-on formula that instantly tames and softens frizziness and flyaways, making hair more manageable.

Asience got the balance of the leave-on formula just right as I don't feel any residue of the product feel in my hair at all. My hair still feels soft to the touch and smooth. 
This has become a fixed product in my regime. I always use it to spray on my hair before I head out. I find that because the mist leaves my hair slightly damp, my curls become more pronounced and curls better.

I end up with a sweet floral scent emitting from my hair and a boost of protection before leaving the house.

I find that this works better than the milk wax I tried for curls or even straight hair.

Luv ~ Nice scent, helps me style and retain the curls in my hair, tames frizzies.

Don’t Luv ~ Nothing

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