Friday, December 18, 2009

Are you using the right hair dryer?


For those who have frizzy hair (including me), trying to tame it especially in humid weather can be really frustrating.

You get your hair blow dried at the hair salon and it always comes out smooth and fantastic looking, but try to replicate that at home and it doesn’t somehow quite work.

I later found out that the hair dryer that you use is very important to achieve straight hair. To blow-dry your hair straight, especially those with frizzy hair, you need to use a hairdryer that is at least 1875 watts and above. Anything less than that and your hair will not give you that look. So those provided in hotels are a no-no!

The other feature to look out for in a hair dryer is its weight. Please try and test out the hair dryers to see if you will be comfortable holding it in one hand for 10 – 15 minutes. The last thing you want is your hand tiring out before you finish the job.

There are some good ones out there, mine is from Vidal Sassoon and works like a charm.

Don’t forget to use a heat protecting serum and a good brush too!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Hair Magic Sheet by Dariya 便利神奇发贴

I first saw this last year on 女人我最大 and thought that this nifty little tool is ingenious.

It basically works for like headband when you need to pull you hair away from your face whether it is for washing your face or applying makeup. The best bit is that it doesn’t leave any marks on your hair that clips and headbands does.
When I saw it in a cosmetics store, I bought it without hesitation as it is quite cheap. Does it work? A resounding yes! It grips onto the hair and you can pull it away from you face in the direction that you want it. Even taking it out after an hour, I find that it doesn’t leave any marks on the hair. Depending on your hair volume/hairstyle, you’ll need to tailor how many pieces you will need to use.

The other day, I couldn’t find my elastic band to tie my hair and decided to try sticking these sheets like a circle to see if it can keep it in place. To my surprise, it works as well. As I only needed it to ensure that my hair doesn’t fall to my face as I was trying to wash my face, it did the trick.

The one that I bought is from Dariya and it comes in a variety of colours (pink, blue, black…).

Please make sure you get the right one (shown in pictures above) as there are others out there which my friends have bought and they are not as effective.

Luv ~ Variety of cute colours, simple and small enough to carry around and for travelling, hair remains mark free.

Don’t Luv ~ Nothing

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Brightening eye drops

Been sleeping late and working hard lately and decided that having some eye drops would be handy.
Browsed through the eye drops section in Boots and noticed something that I didn’t see before. They now have Brightening and Whitening eye drops available.

I am a little sceptical about this as I think as long as you use eye drops that are soothing, that should minimise and soothe the redness in the eyes.

I have heard about these eye drop products in Japan before but have not had a chance to get those from Japan.

Was a little surprised to see that similar versions are now available in the UK and can be easily bought in Boots. Decided to give this a try.

The package says

“Our eyes can be left feeling sore, tired and uncomfortable by the drying environments in which we live and work. These soothing and protecting eye drops work by creating a cushion of moisture to keep your eyes cool and comfortable.”
· Brightening and soothing, Boots Brightening Eye Drops
· Restores eyes' natural bright sparkle
· Contains soothing witch hazel plant

The drops felt a little different to the other normal eye drops that I have used before. It definitely soothes my tired eyes and strangely enough, my eyes do have a clearer sparkle that other eye drops does not give. I guess that is where the brightening bit comes in. It definitely goes with the Chinese saying of having eyes that are 黑白分明。

As the eyes are the windows to our soul, it definitely helps to keep them in tip top shape. If you’re out looking for some eye drops, why not give this a try. Having bright white sparkling eyes definitely ups the beauty factor!

Luv ~ Extra benefits of clearer and brighter eyes

Don't Luv ~ Wish they come in disposable single dosage.
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