Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oil Essence by Sexy Girl

Ever since my hair went through perming, the hair structure has definitely weakened and I need to start using more intense products to get it back to being smooth and silky.

With winter being here in the harsh London weather, I definitely had to do something. I came upon this product and decided to give it a try.

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According to the website, it contains 12 kinds of botanical oils which includes grapeseed oil, hazelnut oil and 5 essences for beautiful hair, the 3-in-1 (Repair, Moisture and Protect) hair product leaves your hair smooth and moisturized. It sounds almost too edible!

The fact that it is a leave in night treatment works even better. Hair being repaired while sleeping!

The essence is definitely oil and after rubbing it between my palm to heat it up a bit, I started applying it to my hair. It does have a nice floral fragrance that isn’t strong at all, very mild. As expected with oil essence, it leaves a nice shine and my hair has a rich texture look to it as it tames any frizzies.

I used this whenever my hair is going to be exposed to any harsh elements as the oil essence forms a coat/film around your hair to protect it. This is quite a good and inexpensive, I would definitely keep using it.

The pump allows you to control how much you use, I usually only need about 3-4 drops.

Luv ~ mild floral fragrance, hair feels silkier and smoother with a rich texture finish. Inexpensive as a bottle lasts quite a while.

Don’t Luv ~ Nothing

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Essence Water by Asience

I’ve never been a fan of leave in treatments or sprays as they all tend to have an element of styling products which makes your hair a bit stiff and when you touch your hair, you can feel the product in your hair.

For some reason which I can’t remember now, I bought this. Maybe it was due to the positive results I get from their shampoos and conditioners. To my surprise, this treatment spray does not produce any of my concerns. Instead, my hair still feels soft smooth and silky.

The website advertises it as a light leave-on formula that instantly tames and softens frizziness and flyaways, making hair more manageable.

Asience got the balance of the leave-on formula just right as I don't feel any residue of the product feel in my hair at all. My hair still feels soft to the touch and smooth. 
This has become a fixed product in my regime. I always use it to spray on my hair before I head out. I find that because the mist leaves my hair slightly damp, my curls become more pronounced and curls better.

I end up with a sweet floral scent emitting from my hair and a boost of protection before leaving the house.

I find that this works better than the milk wax I tried for curls or even straight hair.

Luv ~ Nice scent, helps me style and retain the curls in my hair, tames frizzies.

Don’t Luv ~ Nothing

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hair Cologne by Sexy Girl

One of my pet peeves is when you have washed your hair and then go out to get stuck in some restaurant/bar or place and your hair reeks of the cigarette/food smell right after.

I don’t know why no one thought of this sooner. Trust the Japanese to think of coming up with this! Hair cologne for the hair, that is something that is right up my alley.

When I was in RanKing RanQueen on my Tokyo trip, this was definitely in the top10!

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I selected the cologne that smells of peaches.

According to the description on the bottle, it contains Vitamin E and Q10 and other caring ingredients. It moisturizes and nurtures hair, leaving it smooth and shiny. The treatment components protect your hair from harm and the fruity scent prevents your hair from odour and cigarette smoke.

You are meant to shake the bottle first and the spray onto your hair with a distance of 10-15 inches.

I really like this hair cologne. It definitely helps to get rid of any sweat/cigarette/food smell. I sprayed it on immediately when I get home. I can also feel the effects of the vitamin E and Q10 and other ingredients as it does leave my hair looking better. Good that this is not just a hair cologne but has some good stuff for the hair too.

The smell lasts the whole day as well. Sexy Girl has 3 different fragrances with one being a limited edition (Paradise Fruity, Innocent Floral and Shiny Peach).

Luv ~ Rids of smells and long lasting fragrance

Don’t Luv ~ Nothing

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Milk wax by Sexy Girl

After having short hair (think right at the ears) for a few years, I have now grown it long. Long enough that the last time I went for a haircut, the hair stylist suggested giving it some curls rather than just long and straight.

Decided to give it a go, after all if it doesn’t look good, I guess the scissors will make its appearance sooner than expected. Have to say that the whole experience is another post altogether.

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Anyhow, since my hair has curls now, I decided to give this milk wax by Sexy Girl a go. I have used other products from them before and got positive results. This milk wax is meant to create natural curly hair without any stiffness.

The milk wax comes in 55g tub. I guess that is enough for a month’s use on average. The wax is white and has a sticky texture. I have never used hair wax before so am not sure what to expected. It does emit a nice floral fragrance as expected from this brand.

After rubbing to heat it up between my palms, I applied it to where the curls are and twirl my hair for the curls to be more pronounced. My hair still feels a little stiff but not rock hard stiff where your hair doesn’t move at all or get spoiled in windy conditions. When you touch the hair, you can feel that some hair products has been used.

It doesn’t seem to really generate natural curls on its own, I’m not sure if you are meant to use a hair dyer with this. I probably wouldn’t get this again as it’s not giving me what I was seeking or it could be that I am not applying it correctly. It suggested to use it on semi-dry hair for best results but I haven’t done that.

Luv ~ Floral fragrance

Don’t Luv ~ leaves a slightly stiff and sticky residue, doesn’t quite create the natural curls as advertised.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine's Day Collection by Swarovski

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I fell in love with Swarovski when I went to Innsbruck, Austria for a holiday and visited the museum. The museum has the largest retail store I have ever seen. Swarovski is known for the sparkle coming from their crystals that no other manufacturer is able to replicate.

With Valentine's Day arriving, they have created a collection just for this occasion. My favourite is the heart charm.

While browsing their website, I saw this other charm that I fell in love with as well. It's so cute!

Swarovski lovers and those who just want to get something nice for themselves or loved ones, please have a look at their Valentine's Day Collection.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Advanced Night Repair Protective Recovery Complex by Estee Lauder


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This is not the latest advanced night repair product that launched in the market last year but an older sibling. I bought this when shopping at Bicester Village. As this has now been replaced by the new version, you can get stock where available for this cheaper.

According to the website, it claims to be:

"Based on solid, scientific findings and over 2 decades of proven success, this is the one formula your skin shouldn't live without. Helps visibly repair the appearance of past damage and protect your skin's future. Heightens your skin's natural repair response—critical for its well-being. Soothes daily irritation and builds a rich reserve of anti-oxidants and lipids to help replenish skin's natural protectants."

The serum itself has a thick consistency and a slight sticky texture. When applying on the skin, it absorbs quite easily and does not emit any overwhelming fragrance. I find after using it that my skin appears more radiant and it does minimise problems wherever you have (dark eyes due to late nights, pimples due to stress) overnight. I used it in replacement of a daytime moisturiser as London weather can be quite cruel. It allows my makeup to slide on easily.

Overall, I am quite impressed with the product and now that it is cheaper, it is worth getting. I know that the new Advanced Night Repair has even more anti-oxidants loaded into with the addition of 3 new ingredients. As I get positive results with this one, I definitely think the new version will be even better. I have since used up this bottle and bought the new version. Review will come up soon.

Luv ~ Easy to use dispenser, minimal fragrance, asborbs easily, soothes minor daily irritations quickly

Don't Luv ~ $$$
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