Sunday, February 7, 2010

Milk wax by Sexy Girl

After having short hair (think right at the ears) for a few years, I have now grown it long. Long enough that the last time I went for a haircut, the hair stylist suggested giving it some curls rather than just long and straight.

Decided to give it a go, after all if it doesn’t look good, I guess the scissors will make its appearance sooner than expected. Have to say that the whole experience is another post altogether.

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Anyhow, since my hair has curls now, I decided to give this milk wax by Sexy Girl a go. I have used other products from them before and got positive results. This milk wax is meant to create natural curly hair without any stiffness.

The milk wax comes in 55g tub. I guess that is enough for a month’s use on average. The wax is white and has a sticky texture. I have never used hair wax before so am not sure what to expected. It does emit a nice floral fragrance as expected from this brand.

After rubbing to heat it up between my palms, I applied it to where the curls are and twirl my hair for the curls to be more pronounced. My hair still feels a little stiff but not rock hard stiff where your hair doesn’t move at all or get spoiled in windy conditions. When you touch the hair, you can feel that some hair products has been used.

It doesn’t seem to really generate natural curls on its own, I’m not sure if you are meant to use a hair dyer with this. I probably wouldn’t get this again as it’s not giving me what I was seeking or it could be that I am not applying it correctly. It suggested to use it on semi-dry hair for best results but I haven’t done that.

Luv ~ Floral fragrance

Don’t Luv ~ leaves a slightly stiff and sticky residue, doesn’t quite create the natural curls as advertised.

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