Thursday, October 28, 2010

Waterproof your eyelashes


This was something that just strike me the other day when I was putting on mascara. Although most mascaras do come out with their waterproof sister version. Sometimes I like to get the non waterproof version as it means that less effort and pressure is needed when it comes to removing time.

Sometimes one mascara doesn't achieve everything that you want and I just end up using different mascaras to get the effect I want.

So when I used a non waterproof mascara and still want my eyelashes to be waterproof, I will use a waterproof mascara as my final coat and Voila! Your eyelashes will be waterproof. I find that it works for me really well.

Does anyone else do this?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Volum' Express® Waterproof Mascara by Maybelline

 (Images/Info from Maybelline website)

For an Asian,  I am blessed with longer lashes than the norm (although not as long as falsies!) and I tend to look for volumising mascaras more than lengthening ones.
Seeing this in the drugstore,  I decided to give this a try as I've had good ones from Maybelline in the past.

This is what was advertised:
  • This waterproof mascara delivers up to 3X the volume instantly for a dramatic lash look.
  • Patented Anti-Clump Brush and volume-building express formula quickly thicken lashes without clumps or globs.
  • Contact lens safe and hypoallergenic
  • Waterproof; Also available in washable and curved brush


Apply mascara from your outer lash to inner lash, sweeping brush slowly from root to tip. Do not let dry between coats.  

This mascara is available in 2 colours, black and brown. I bought the black version.
My initial take when I first used this. 

It has a fat brush with a thicker middle section and large bristles. It was quite easy to put on and doesn’t clump at all. Their patented anti-clump brush works!After using it numerous times, I never had a problem with clumping.

The effect is a really natural finish though, almost as if you have no mascara on. The volume is not on the extreme end, what it gives is a stronger definition on the lashes. I guess this is where their anti-clumping brush shines, because the amount of mascara that comes out is not thick, less chance of clumping.
A good option for days when you want to have minimal makeup or for those who want to look a la naturale!
I also discovered that if you continue to coat your lashes a few more times before the initial coat dries out, you do build up more volume.

Luv ~ A good option for those who prefer minimal/natural makeup. Easy to apply and the result is very natural looking lashes.

Don’t luv ~ For those who are looking for more volumising mascara, this is not the one.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Facial Treatment Cleanser by SKII


(Images/Info from SK-II website)

I got this when I was in Taipei as part of a promotion, it came as a free gift. Free gifts such as a full size cleanser from SKII is hard to come by and it was without hesitation that I bought it.

Having heard a lot about SKII especially their Pitera ingredient in the Facial Treatment Essence,  I wondered how the cleanser from the range would be.

According to the website :

Purifying Cream Cleanser. Cleanses. Purifies. Leaves the skin hydrated. A luxurious lathering cream containing moisturisers, soothing Wild Rose Extract and Pitera. Leaves skin feeling comfortably conditioned and smooth.


Wet face then use water to foam cleanser into a generous lather. Softly massage onto face and neck. Rinse with water.

Squeezing the cleanser onto the palm, it has a medium density texture and with just enough foam to rub on smoothly onto the face. The fragrance is really light and you could hardly smell it. After washing it off, my skin felt really tight like it has been scrubbed clean, this might make it too strong a cleanser for people who have dry skin. Otherwise, could try using a lesser amount but that will reduce the effectiveness of the cleanser.

Using it to wash off makeup especially waterproof ones is not as good. There are still traces of makeup left, this is where using a make up cleanser beforehand will help.

This feels like a standard cleanser and it doesn’t beat the plethora of low to high range options available in the market.

Luv ~ Standard cleanser with minimal fragrance. Just using a small amount is sufficient. 

Don’t luv ~ Can be too drying. Might be better suited for oily skin or in the summer.

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