Thursday, October 21, 2010

Facial Treatment Cleanser by SKII

(Images/Info from SK-II website)

I got this when I was in Taipei as part of a promotion, it came as a free gift. Free gifts such as a full size cleanser from SKII is hard to come by and it was without hesitation that I bought it.

Having heard a lot about SKII especially their Pitera ingredient in the Facial Treatment Essence,  I wondered how the cleanser from the range would be.

According to the website :

Purifying Cream Cleanser. Cleanses. Purifies. Leaves the skin hydrated. A luxurious lathering cream containing moisturisers, soothing Wild Rose Extract and Pitera. Leaves skin feeling comfortably conditioned and smooth.


Wet face then use water to foam cleanser into a generous lather. Softly massage onto face and neck. Rinse with water.

Squeezing the cleanser onto the palm, it has a medium density texture and with just enough foam to rub on smoothly onto the face. The fragrance is really light and you could hardly smell it. After washing it off, my skin felt really tight like it has been scrubbed clean, this might make it too strong a cleanser for people who have dry skin. Otherwise, could try using a lesser amount but that will reduce the effectiveness of the cleanser.

Using it to wash off makeup especially waterproof ones is not as good. There are still traces of makeup left, this is where using a make up cleanser beforehand will help.

This feels like a standard cleanser and it doesn’t beat the plethora of low to high range options available in the market.

Luv ~ Standard cleanser with minimal fragrance. Just using a small amount is sufficient. 

Don’t luv ~ Can be too drying. Might be better suited for oily skin or in the summer.

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