Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hydro Boost Mousse Cleanser by Neutrogena

I was in search of a new cleanser when I came across this mousse cleanser. Mousse based products is a recent invention in the past few years. Air is whipped through the content which results in it coming out as a mousse.

Benefits of mousse based skin products is that the product comes out in a light and airy foam which is touted to be more stable. The atoms/particles are much tinier which means that the benefits/purpose is more readily absorbed/function on the skin.

A mousse based cleanser is meant to leave the skin feeling not taut and dry, but moisturized, soft and smooth.

(Images/Info from Neutrogena)

Hydro Boost is a new range from Neutrogena and was developed to restore inner skin dryness. Neutrogena's new Hydro Boost series contains hyaluronic acid to help skin hold more water and olive oil to prevent moisture loss
The cleanser comes in a simple and clean looking 150ml blue bottle. No spillage even though it travels in my luggage to a lot of places.

I tend to give the bottle a few shakes before using the pump to release the cleanser. The cleanser comes out really light and airy. You don’t need a lot to be able to cover the whole face. I tend to massage it for at least a minute to allow the cleanser to do its work before washing it off. Do have to watch out that you don't rub any foam along your nose air passage as it does block the air flow!

The smell is not strong (reminds me of the ocean breeze) but can be a tad overpowering for those who are sensitive. My skin feels clean and smooth and the mousse cleanser seems to have done its job

Luv ~ Love the mousse concept, good size bottle, does a good job of cleansing but skin does not feel dry.

Don't Luv ~ Careful not to get any foam blocking your nose air passage while cleansing

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