Wednesday, March 10, 2010

BodyLight Whitening Hydrating UV lotion by Garnier

This product came out in the market over a year ago and I bought it during its launch!

As I was going to be in tropical country where the UV rays are something to be concerned about, this seems to be the right product to use.

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It comes in a 250ml bottle with a measuring tape attach which has skin tones in different shades for you to compare after using it for 4 weeks.
It promises to lighten and illuminate the skin complexion while giveing long lasting moisturizing efficiency. Its non-greasy milky lotion penetrates immediately, leaves skin soft, smooth and supple.


How it works?
  • Pure lemon essence - contains AHA known to have exfoliating properties to illuminate skin.
  • Mulberry extract to help regulate the melanin production.
Opened the bottle and pour some of the lotion to use, it gives out a citrusy scent which is quite zesty if that is your thing. The texture is quite light, like body milk which suits me just fine as I don’t like the skin feeling greasy after applying.

After using up half the bottle, I won’t say that my skin tone has lightened significantly. However, skin tone has become more even and luminous. It also provides sufficient moisture for normal skin.

For whitening purpose, as long as you are not expecting a miracle (I would be quite suspicious of any body product that significantly whitens your skin as the ingredients used might not be too safe!), this can be something to consider.

Luv ~ Non greasy, skin becomes more even-tone and luminous. Inexpensive

Don't Luv ~ Scent might not agree with everyone

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