Thursday, June 14, 2007

4 Way Folding Buffer by Missha

I came across this when I was browsing a Missha store at the QVB in Sydney. It's a 4 way buffer that can be fold in half. Half the size and can be slip easily into any bag or pocket and carry around everywhere. I couldn't resist and just had to get one.

It's really easy to use as well as each part is labelled from 1 - 4 so that you know which one to use first. It also tells you what each one does. Step 1 - shape nails, Step 2 - smooth nails, Step 3 - buff nails and Step 4 - polish nails. They are all in different colours too.

That's how small it becomes when you fold it in half. Really handy especially for those times when my nails gets chipped or snagged! Now I can fix it on the spot instead of having to wait till I get home.

At a price of AUD4.90, it's a bargain! If you can't get to a Missha shop, you can buy it online at their website.

Luvs ~ Affordable, compact and easy to carry around.
Don't Luv ~ Nothing.

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