Thursday, April 26, 2007

Paula Begoun

If there is the one thing that I would recommend to anyone, it would be this author, Paula Begoun. She currently has three books and I chanced upon her website a few years ago. This is one of the best starting points and I always refer back to her books/newsletters and website as a starting point whenever I find any new products or I want to know further about any existing products.

I find that reading her books helped to resolve a lot of questions about treating any skin problems and the best way to go about it. The best one to get if you are hesitant is “The Beauty Bible”, it has all the questions about pimples, scars, blackheads, cellulite etc.. that we all asks and the answers for those. I started out with “Don’t go to the cosmetics counters without me”, you will see me going to the bookstore every few days for hours on end to read that book before I finally bought it. It definitely helped me to save a lot of $$$. She will research on as much of the product as she can and will tell you whether it does what it claims to and will also list any ingredients in the product that could be irritating for your skin. Not only did I save on $$$ but a lot of problems that I had for years like those stubborn blackheads before are gone. My friends have been getting her books as presents from me ever since!

I usually don’t ever buy any skincare products or cosmetics without seeing if she has done any research on it. Obviously, she only reviews products that are available in the US.

I give her books the No. #1 place on my Diamonds Top 10 Listing. You can find out more about her on the US website or if in Australia

Luvs ~ the extensive research on most beauty products, treatments and ingredients.
Don't Luv ~ Nothing really, other than most of the products researched are US based.

1 comments on "Paula Begoun"

michellesy said...

i've read her haircare one - very informative

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