Friday, July 13, 2007

Creative designer of a different kind

When I was a little girl, I've always dreamed of perhaps being a fashion designer! Hey, who doesn't love clothes? Later, I realised that I am not talented that way and was quite happy to study fashion marketing instead. As it turns out, I never did venture that way!

However, I found another area that those who are interested can ponder upon. A perfume designer. That is so interesting. You basically go from the concept and the fragrance and come up with the design of the bottle for the target market. It's still related to beauty but is from a different angle. When I think about it, the aesthetics of the bottle definitely plays a part in whether I do purchase the perfume.

Another name for this is cosmetic packaging. I came across this when I read an article about a female designer named Valerie Bernard. She started by specialising in graphic arts and packaging design. Moving on thereafter to Kobayashi Kose and created their trademark , cosmetics packaging and shopping bags. Ooh~ no wonder I love some of the shopping bags that I get from certain brands. They apparently have specialised people who create the designs.

She also created the design for the Espoir perfume from Korea. Now my guy friend loves this and is looking for new replenishment which we can't seem to find in Sydney. This is definitely an interesting area (potential career path) for those who are interested.

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