Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Importance of removing eye makeup

Do you have dark eye circles?

They might not be dark eye circles after all.

Some dermatologists have mentioned that when they look at their patient’s skin under a magnifying glass, quite a number of them actually have make up crusted into the lines around the eyes.

So that means that those dark circles you see could potentially be dirt and grime and make up instead. Removing eye make up is more important than ever! Especially if you regularly wear foundation, eye-shadows etc…

The skin around our eyes are thinner than the rest of the face, so it is definitely not recommended to be using an eye make up remover and be pulling and tugging away at our eye area.

For those who wear minimal makeup, a gentle water soluble cleanser would suffice.

For the rest of us who uses make up on a regular basis, such a routine isn’t going to be enough.
My suggestion is to first wash your face with a cleanser. I’ve recently discovered the virtues of using oil-based cleansers when I have makeup on. Using a facial cleanser means that you are gently massaging all over the face will prevent tugging and pulling at the eyes and skin.

After using the cleanser, the last traces of makeup can be removed with a gentle makeup remover or eye makeup remover and a soft cotton pad (minimising pulling and tugging as much as possible). This double cleansing will help to prevent having traces of make up crusted in those lines around the eyes.

Hmm..maybe I should start using the eye mask I bought earlier which you are meant to massage around the eyes when you’re in the shower.

This brings me to a separate tip, how you clean your face with water after using a cleanser is really important as well. I noticed people who really scrape and tug at their skin when washing off with water. That is bad as when you age, your skin will not be as elastic and all that action will only exacerbate those age lines.

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