Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sunsense Aftersun Cooling Spray

We all need to be diligent about sunscreen but what about the times when you inevitably forgot to apply sunscreen or happen to get sunburn?

Aloe Vera Gel is something that I always use if I see my skin going red or after getting a little too much sun. Lately, I came across this cooling spray and decided to try it.

What attracted me to it was the added Vitamin C and grape seed extract. The grape seed extract is well known for being an anti-oxidant and Vitamin C for whitening. The spray bottle also means that there's no need for rubbing , which can irritate your sunburn and cause pain.

It has a little nozzle click which prevents its contents from spilling accidentally which makes it safe to carry in your bag as well.

I totally love the smell and this product after using it. There are times when I forgot to put on sunscreen and this helps to soothe my red and hot skin and I find that I don't tan or my skin doesn't darken as much when I use this every time I return home from outdoors.

I sometimes use it even just for the moisturising effect and smell. You can leave this in the refrigerator which will enhance the cooling effect even more.

At a bargain price of AUD$7.99, this is definitely a steal.

Luv ~ Bargain price. Has antioxidant properties to maintain youthful and anti-aging skin. Great smell. Really soothes the skin.

Don't Luv ~ Nothing.

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