Friday, August 10, 2007

Foot Petals

Do you love your shoes? Can't stop wearing those heels even though it makes your feet scream sometimes? I am definitely one of them. One can never have too many shoes, I say! However, I've experienced discomfort, blisters, slipping on the street when the grips of my shoes have worn out and loads of others.

I have tried a lot of shoe products under the sun from heel protectors to rubber soles which absorb the sweat from your feet while wearing them. I came across Foot Petals a few months ago and began my long and hard journey trekking them in shoes shops in Sydney. A lot of the shops no longer stock them and even the few that I manage to find only have a limited range. I eventually resorted to buying them online. These wonderful tools are geniuses!

They are the most comfortable and the best that I have found so far.

The Killer Kushionz are insoles for your shoes and I just love love love them. Due to their design, you can even use them on open-toed shoes or even half covered shoes without a worry of them being seen. As it comes in a variety of colours, no worries about finding one to blend with your colourful range. I find that I tend to use black a lot. They absorb sweat well and do not worn out easily. That was the problem that I had with the Scholl insoles. They tend to wear out really fast due to the excessive walking that I do and just becomes black and really yucky after a few wears! No such problems with the Killer Kushionz.

The Strappy Strips are amazing for those new shoes or anywhere which is giving you a blister where using the heel protector isn't going to work as those heel protectors are too big. Because they are thin strips, you can even stick them on the shoe straps without a problem.

My absolute favourite from them at the moment? The Sole Stopperz. it helps protect your outer soles, prevent you from slipping on wet or slick surfaces, it also gives your shoe grip and doesn't wore out that outer sole. So many of my shoes now still retain their fabulous outer soles & designs becaues of the Sole Stopperz.

Overall, I am happy and can't wait to give their other products a try. With all their products, the material that they use is just fantastic and makes it really comfortable. Don't you just love their cute names too!

Luv ~ Comfortable, great designs, innovative creations for all your shoe woes.
Don't Luv ~ Nothing really.

2 comments on "Foot Petals"

michellesy said...

i didn't know these things existed, but they're so cute...and they work!

Saryn on September 11, 2007 at 11:03 AM said...

I know..they're my new found friends for my shoes!

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