Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Eye Designer by Pupa

Pupa has always come up with interesting designs to market their products. This is another product that is unique, application wise for an eyeshadow.

This works such that you get 2 colour shades on your eyelids in one stroke. According to their website, the shape of the anatomical latex applicator has been especially designed to follow the eye's various contours.The kit includes an applicator glide system to release a constant and appropriate quantity of the product. The guides let you regulate pressure on the sponge so that the product does not come out all at once.

I tried out the tester and the handle is made of some sort of latex and you just glide it across the colour from one end to the other. The applicator picks up the colour and it is define quite well. You then slide/stamp it across your eyelids. It does leave the 2 shades on your eyelids. You can then use your fingers to soften and blend the colours.

This is useful for those who wants something quick or can't be bothered too much with makeup, I guess. However, I think I love the whole make up process too much and would rather spend time playing with my colours.

Luv ~ Simple, ease of use for someone new to makeup, quick.
Don't Luv ~ Restricts being able to blend with your own palette of colours.

1 comments on "Eye Designer by Pupa"

michellesy said...

i sooo need this, i definitely fall under the category of "new to makeup" =D

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