Sunday, November 15, 2009

Asience Shine Therapy Range by Kao

Moving on from my previous post on the haircare products by Asience. A new range was added in November 2008 which is ‘Shine Therapy’.

According to their website

“Shine Therapy, is formulated specially to reverse the internal damages caused by harsh chemicals used in rebonding, colouring and perming. Combining its higher concentration of repairing essence Pearl & Soybean in its trademark Asian Beauty Essence and its patented penetrative technology, the holes of lost proteins are instantly filled up. The result? Hair becomes stronger, smoother with a healthy shine.”

The Shine Therapy range contains

· +50%* more Pearl and Soybean essence (Repair)

· Korean Ginseng and Camellia Oil essence (Moisturize)

· Eucalyptus (Protect) * Compared to Deep Nourish Range

Basically what this means to me is that this is even better for those with really damaged hair or hair that have gone through chemical treatments like colouring, straightening and perming among others.

I definitely fall into this category, coupled with my hair being dry by nature. I decided to try this new range.

After my first wash, I immediately felt a difference with my hair. It was a lot smoother, shinier and silkier. Running fingers through my hair was like touching silk. My hair runs easily through my fingers and I couldn’t believe the shine. I can't rave enough about Shine Therapy and this new range completely change the results that I get from using a shampoo/conditioner for my hair.

I am addicted to this new range. It is definitely more superior to the other ranges and other brands available if you have chemically damaged hair.

I have to mention the fragrance as well. It exudes a floral scent and seems to be well liked as I have receive some positive comments.

LUV ~ Geat value. Hair is really shiny and well moisturised.

Don't Luv ~ Nothing

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