Friday, November 12, 2010

Hang Ten Jeans (endorsed by Coco Lee)

When I was in Taipei, I stopped by Hang Ten and found myself leaving with 3 pairs of jeans!

One thing I like about the sales people in Taiwan is that they are very friendly and helpful. Even when my limited Mandarin friend went shopping by herself, she still managed to buy stuff.

(Images from HangTen website)

I’ve always associated Hang Ten as a youthful vibrant brand that is akin to GAP or Baleno. Being a mass market brand, it is a place to look for basics and staples of simple cuts. Hence, if you’re looking for jeans that contained little secrets here and there, I wouldn’t expect any of the mass market brand to include that given the prices.

I was pleasantly surprised when I tried on a pair when I was at the Taipei store. There has been some clever tailoring involved because instantly, you have a perkier bum and slimming effect. As the shop was closing soon, my friend and I found a few other designs that we like and tried and bought in a jiff!

Months since and throwing out my old jeans, I have started to wear the ones from Hang Ten. Even with the different designs (one was a dark blue jeans colour and plain and another had glitter on bits and pieces), they all still give you perkier bums. No joke as I definitely would not even be in the running for best bum of the year! All those tiny designs here and there that I thought was just fashion actually have a purpose to help to accentuate your lower half!

Seriously, I am really impressed. It comes as no surprise that Coco Lee is the ambassador because she is renowned for her body and curves and seriously, these jeans can take you towards that path! Check out those photos!

I’ve tried on those from Uniqlo (not from Japan, as apparently the cuts are different), GAP, DKNY etc…and price and style and function-wise, I am most impressed by Hang Ten so far.

A lady can never have too many jeans, especially if they are the right ones. The next time that you are scouting for a new pair, why not pop into a Hang Ten store.

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