Monday, November 1, 2010

Eye Crayon #2 Bouton De Nacre by Paul and Joe

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I really like this eye crayon from Paul and Joe and there are only two locations in London that has their counters as far as I know. I think that this eye crayon has been discontinued but it can still be bought online.

This eye crayon is advertised as:

This eye crayon glides on smoothly and gives eyes a soft-focus finish. Formulated from a base of lustrous macadamia nut oil then embedded into a lattice wax, Paul & Joe developed a creamy, glossy Eye Crayon with a velvety smooth texture. It spreads softly and gently over the eye lid and since the formula uses microscopic, sphere shaped powder particles, there's no gritty texture or discomfort.

I find it really easy to use and the #2 Bouton De Nacre complements my skintone really well. It is actually leaning towards a pink shade but when you put it on, it sort of disappears and blends into the eyelid to give that soft focus finish. Glides on smoothly with just a hint of sparkle more like a hightlight.

If you just use it in the middle part of the eyelid, it really brightens up the eyes. It looks really natural and lasts the whole day. I used it nearly everyday and after months, I have yet to finish it.

Luv ~ It has a rich velvety texture as advertised that glides on smoothly and lasts the whole day.
Don’t luv ~ It is discontinued.

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