Friday, November 26, 2010

L'egere Water Drop Shiny Pearl BB Cream

Another BB cream that I bought when I was in Taipei. The sales lady demonstrated the product and when she tapped the product on my hand, you can literally see the water droplets. Seems like a good one especially in winter.

(Images/Info from L'egere website)
This is an oil free formula with added moisturising properties to lock in the moisture in the skin. It doesn’t have SPF coverage though.
As shown in the website:
It provides the skin with a pearl like natural gloss. The fine pearl particles refract light, providing your face with more 3D facial feature.
Contains the following ingredients
  • Trehalos – water locking, water maintenance and saturation. Allow the skin to always maintain a watery condition.
  • Vitamin E – anti-oxidant
  • Vitamin C – restrains the formation of pigments to obtain whitening purpose.
  • Sea collagen – recovers skin elasticity and tightnes.
  • Aloe – soothe uncomfortable feelings of the skin.
  • Iron oxide – natural mineral powder to provide natural colouring 
This also comes in an easy to squeeze bottle and the texture is of watery liquid. It provides a light to medium coverage and blends well into the skin. When applying, if you use a bit of a tapping motion, you can see the water droplets appearing and forming a protective layer on the skin to provide moisture.
I really like this one for its moisturising properties and my skin stays supple. The pearl particles really helped to emit a glow from beneath the skin look which is an understated dewy look. Really makes it look like you have really dewy and fantastic looking skin.
It provides a medium coverage for me and is a good all in one product for me.
As it doesn’t contain any SPF, I only use this during autumn or winter where the UV index is on a constant 1 – 2.
Luv ~ Love the dewy and glow from beneath the skin finish, locks in the moisture and keeps skin supple, all in one primer, moisturiser and foundation 

Don’t luv ~ Doesn't have SPF but I don't mind.

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