Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hot & Cold shower

Do you feel sluggish or need to give your body circulation a boost?

I've been reading on water therapy and there has been many research and books on this.

Just before you head out of the shower, switch for 2 minutes or so to the hottest water you can stand (please make sure that it's a comfortable tolerance), which draws the blood to the surface, and then switch to the coldest water you can stand for 30 seconds to a minute, which will force the blood back into the internal organs. This is supposed to be done for at least three cycles(hot and cold) before ending the shower with cold water.

This helps to boost your body circulation, especially if you don't do regular exercise. Every little bit helps to minimise orange peel looking skin and dullness, I say.

Note that Woman on their menstrual cycle and pregnant women should skip this treatment. And anyone should stop the treatment if you become dizzy or start shivering uncontrollably.

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