Friday, May 2, 2008

Real Lasting Eyeliner by K-Palette

I bought this when I was in Japan some months ago. With my limited Japanese, I couldn't really understand anything other than by looking at pictures when I was browsing the cosmetics shops. What I ended up doing was to look at items that they have tagged with #1 selling item or #2 or #3 and buy those.

Anyway, this was labeled as #1 selling item so I bought it. It was really cheap too at about 1000 yen. I started using it and I was just amazed at the result.

It is a liquid eyeliner in black with a slim tip. I never liked using liquid eyeliner as I was only starting to use eyeliner then and being a beginner, less clumsy with pencil ones. Amazingly, this was really easy to use and I think any beginner would love this due to the ease of control. The eyeliner goes on really smoothly and you can apply it really thin like a pencil eyeliner would give and yet apply a really thick line too. It lasts the whole day and didn't smudge.

I was so happy and an affordable eyeliner that does a great job, you'll love it. This just earn itself a place in my Diamonds Top 10 list.

Apparently, it is really popular in Japan and is K-Palette's best selling item. You can check out their website here.

Luv ~ Affordable price. Really easy to use and control. Doesn't smudge and creates a really beautiful line (whether thick or thin).

Don't Luv ~ Nothing.

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