Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Body Shop Moisture Booties

To keep feet smooth and supple, it's always good to moisturise your feet and slip on some socks overnight. The results are amazing! I have tried the usual socks and find that my feet really does become a lot softer and moisturised. I came across this moisture booties in The Body Shop and thought that this might help to greatly increase the effects of the whole overnight "moisturising the feet and cover with socks" routine.

After using this for a while, I find that if you're not careful, the socks can slip off your feet during the night. It does help to keep your feet supple but I don't seem to find any difference between using this and just regular thick socks. As this is made of cotton, I suspect that a lot of the moisturiser is being absorbed by the cotton fabric rather than by your skin.
I'll just revert back to my usual socks, at least it doesn't slip off during the night.

Luvs ~ Nothing. :(
Don't Luv ~ Slips off easily, doesn't really super moisturise as promised.

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