Saturday, May 5, 2007

Cosmed Caviar Repair Serum

This is a product from Cosmed International, France. I saw this in Sasa and was intrigued that it uses caviar as an ingredient. Now, I know that caviar is a delicacy in the gourmet world but in skincare?

I decided to give this a go. One box has two 5ml bottles in it.
According to Cosmed, this is some of what the caviar serum promises...

1. To fade out brown spots, marks, blemishes and imperfections.
2. To whiten and even dull and yellowish skin tones.
3. To reduce pores, firm and lift slackened skin tissues.

I tried it and find that my skin seem to instantly brighten up after using it. So it does seem to whiten and even dull and yellowish skin tones. I'm not sure about reducing pores and the whole firming bit. Each bottle doesn't last long as it's only 5ml.

Based on the instructions given, you need to use this for 3 weeks consistently for any visible results. My bottles did not last me that long but from what I can see from the amounts that I used, it does brighten your skin.

Luvs ~ Brightens the skin on application with a glow look.
Don't Luv ~ Only comes in such a small size.

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