Friday, May 4, 2007

Overnight Anti-Acne Gel Patches

This was placed in the same range as the 3M Acne Dressing in the shops that I tried earlier and did a review about.
Looking at the ingredients in this product, it uses salicylic acid.

This is actually cheaper than the 3M one and has more pieces (48 to be exact)!
It comes in the grey wrapper shown above and the anti-acne patch is the brown spots. One side is the brown wrapper and the other side is where you're supposed to placed on the pimple. It is gel form.

This dries up the pimple really quickly and seems to work too. However, I find the it is really hard to tell when the pimple has dried up as it isn't transparent like the 3M one so you have to keep taking it off to check the status which probably isn't really good. The other thing is that because it is in gel form, it slides really easily.
After using this one, it tends to leave a mark on your skin as in you can see that there was a pimple there whereas the 3M doesn't seem to have that problem. That probably means that the 3M one is gentler on the skin.

Luvs ~ There's more pieces and cheaper.
Don't luv ~ Leaves a mark, can't tell when it's time to remove and change to a new one. Slips easily.

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