Sunday, May 6, 2007

Body Shop plastic foot file

Wearing heels can wreak havoc on your feet and if you don't take care of them, soon there will be buildup of dry skin and cracked heels that just looks unsightly.
One way of of keeping your feet smooth and supple is to use a foot file. I was in The Body Shop and came across this. It looks different from the normal foot files that you see in the market and I decided to try it out.
According to the instructions, one side (pink) is for rough areas and the other side (grey) is to gently exfoliate. I used this after my shower after allowing the skin on my feet to soften in the shower and then rub it at the bottom of both my feet for a minute or two. I used the pink side first and then move onto the grey side.
After using this for a week or two, I don't find that it works. It doesn't seem to exfoliate as effectively. I'll give this a pass. This goes into my Dud list.

Luvs ~ Nothing. :(
Don't Luv ~ Doesn't work for me.

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