Saturday, May 5, 2007

Losing hair?

Are you suffering from hair loss? or do you want to delay the process of hair loss?

Here's one way of helping. According to some studies and research, while some hair loss problems are hereditary, there are many things that can be done to slow down the process. Plus, not all hair loss is hereditary, in which case it can be prevented a lot of the time.

What you should do is to massage your scalp on a regular basis to stimulate your hair growth. Especially for men as men tend to have short hair and most do not even brush nor comb their hair. Women tend to have longer hair and use brushes which will stimulate the scalp as well as promote and distribute oils all along the hair strands. So for those with dry hair, you should brush your hair to distribute the oils throughout your hair. However, please do not go overboard.

For men, brushes are usually not the best thing as hair is too short, a massage is most ideal! Ever wondered why you get a scalp massage when you get your hair wash at salons? There is a reason why!

Therefore, massage away.

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